Rhode Island Families Organized for Reform Change and Empowerment

“Here for each other
Here for our families”

“We are an independent family organization focused on innovation and success for people of all abilities.”

In August of 2017 RI FORCE started to get the word out about a Café Conversation to be held in the fall.

We encouraged families to be part of an opportunity for collective voices to be heard and recognized as we develop our strategic plan of action to address critical issues facing RI families.

We shared this information at the BHDDH Community Forum in Coventry and distributed over 50 flyers as well as continue to be on the agenda for updates at BHDDH Community Forum events.

Subsequently our announcement dates of the Café Conversations were disseminated to key stakeholder families, posted on BHDDH and DD NEWS blog. There was also press coverage about the RI FORCE group in the Newport Daily News as well as on the DD NEWS blog.

Over 100 people either rsvp to participate in our café conversation or mentioned interest in being notified about future RI FORCE meetings and events. Over 50 families participated in our Café Conversations events.

RI FORCE is now offering an opportunity for those family members who were not able to attend the Café Conversations through this Survey Monkey. Please take some time out of your busy days to fill this survey out so we can add your voice to a Key Findings report RI FORCE will be publishing in February 2018.

Thank You!

RI FORCE Café Conversation survey:


please submit survey responses before 11:45 PM (EST) on 1/31/18.

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