Art Project Progress

At our last meeting, July 10th, we shared some really great ideas to be displayed on a board or quilt. We handed out sheets of paper with each of the 4 Coalition goals, PUBLIC EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT, LEADERSHIP and ACCESSIBILITY on the papers.

We asked that you think about these and how they can apply to you. We then want you to put that idea into a drawing or picture with maybe a word or two to tell others how you feel.

We got back some really great ideas! We asked that you do the best you can and that stick figures were okay because those could be converted to a graphic of your idea.

Even though we asked you to pick one goal; we now need you to think how each of the areas above areas might apply to you and an issue you care about.

We suggested that if you go a computer, type in one of those goals, hit the ENTER key and then images at the top of the page; you will find many images to choose from. Some of these you will want to copy and others draw freehand. Make it your own idea!

Anyway, when this is finished and mounted, the goal will be display these ideas, in a collage, at events and conferences we attend to show others what the Coalition feels are important to us!

Give it some thought as you enjoy the summer. I am sure that you will come up with some great ideas! And, don’t be afraid to ask for some help especially when it comes to using the computer.

Jack Ringland

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