“Respond, Respect and Realize”

reflections by Dennis Harvey on his personal life and how the community should treat people with disabilities

My name is Dennis Harvey I am founder & president of a small business called “Bee in Motion”. It is a Movement and Music therapeutic workshop designed to assist people with disabilities to feel better. If you would like more information about how to host a workshop, give me a call at 401-347-7288 or check out my website at: www.beeinmotionri.com

I want talk to about how the mainstream community treats persons with disabilities. Maybe those with and without disabilities can learn from each other. I also have a disability.

a photo of dennis harvey

When I am out in the world going about my day to day life people react and respond to me in very specific ways. They usually stay out of my way, sometimes avoid me, don’t speak to me and don’t understand me. Sometimes they even giggle.

In high school other students were distant and UN-welcoming to me. Sometimes some people were cruel and nasty. I was spared most of the cruel nastiness because as you can see I’m a big boy. 😀 lol
When you or I meet people we respond to each other… “Hi, how are you?” When you see a person with disability do you take that same time and social engagement? When you meet someone with a disability please stop and take an extra moment and look past the wheel chair or other obvious issue that say “I am disabled”.

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