What People Are Saying About Employment

“People with disabilities want good paying jobs in areas we choose, not what someone else has chosen for us! We want the SAME opportunities as anyone else.”

Christina Battista

Co-Coordinator, Cross Disability Coalition

“I am an Artist and a Teacher! I LOVE doing this but I need help with marketing my work.”

Alton Stuckey

“I have been working in a sheltered workshop at the SAME job for over 20 years! I don’t want to do this anymore. Would YOU? I want a REAL JOB! Can anyone help me find a better job?”

Steve Porcelli

“I want to be able to make money to pay my bills and not depend on anyone else. I want a JOB that can pay me so that I do not have to be on SSI all my life. I just want a good life!”

Tanja Blicker-Ucran

Co-Coordinator, Cross Disability Coalition

“I want to start MY OWN BUSINESS. Really! I love music and I think I would make a great D-J so that is what I want to do.”

Katie Lowe

Jobs group

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