the symbol for members RIDDC Members

Full Council Members

Ray Bandusky

Rebecca Beaton

Wilfred Beaudoin

Karen Correia

Therese Curran

Vincent DeJesus

Sue Donovan

Lina DuPont

Christine Emond

Deborah Garneau

Mary Genco

Dennis Harvey

Myles Johnson

Robert Killian

Karen Lovett

Celest Martin

Michael Matracia

Arthur Mercurio, M.A.

Joseph Murphy

Steven Porcelli

Claire Rosenbaum

Heidi Showstead

John Susa, Ph.D.

Emily Titon

Associate Members

Tanya Alderman

Mary Beth Cournoyer

Nicole Deary

Mitchell Dondey, Ph.D.*

Renee Doran

Darlene Faust

Pauline Imbruglia

Diana Kriner

Rebekah Lawton

Kathleen P. Leonard*

Claudia Lowe

Katie Lowe

Manuel Medeiros

Kathryn M. O'Connor, Ph.D.

Megan Reynolds

India Seales

Leif Sebesta

Alton Stuckey

Mark Susa

Andre Thibeault

Thomas Thibeault

Richard Weiss*

Iraida Williams

Ina S. Woolman*

Ann Zartler, Ph.D.*

Charles Zawacki

*Emeritus Members

Your Role as Council Member

Council members bring together many different ideas, views, and skills. From their own life stories, people with disabilities and family members share how to make services and every day life better — not only for themselves, but for others with disabilities. Agency members share the views and experiences of their agencies. They also let their agencies know about what the Council is doing.

Most of the Council's work is done through committees. At committee meetings, Council members work to solve problems and oversee Council activities, such as research and training projects. At these meetings Council members and associate members make decisions by voting.

All Council members and associate members come together for a full Council meeting about 4 times a year. At these meetings members hear and talk about what's going on within the Council and around Rhode Island.

Council members make decisions by voting during full Council meetings. Associate members cannot vote at full Council meetings, but they can give opinions and share ideas.

DD Council Member Guide | information on the role and responsibilities of a DDC Member