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Griffin-Hammis Associates (GHA), LLC
| Training Resources & Handouts

General Information

Session 1 | Foundations of Successful Customized Employment:
Introduction to Customized Employment and Discovery

handout materials:

  1. Session I Agenda

  2. Session Power Point Slides

  3. 20 Steps to Discovery

  4. Itinerary for Discovery

  5. Discovery Staging Record

  6. Sample Staging Record

  7. Discovery Team Cycle

  8. Customized Employment Wage Milestones

  9. Customized Employment Self Employment Milestones

Session 2 | Customized Job Development and Negotiation

Powerpoint: Discovery Based Customized Job Development

handout materials:

  1. Training Agenda

  2. Relationship Chart

  3. Iceberg Effect

  4. Ideal Conditions

  5. Job Analysis Forms

  6. Job Analysis SAMPLE

  7. Article…Job Carving

Session 3 | Introduction to Self-Employment and Business Planning:
Developing the Idea, Feasibility Testing, and Marketing and Sales Essentials

Powerpoint: Self Employment

handout materials:

  1. Self Employment: Flexibility and Choice

  2. Business Planning Flow Chart

  3. Business Planning Worksheets

  4. Business Feasibility Worksheets

  5. Session 3 Agenda

  6. Quick-Launch: The One-Day Business Plan

  7. Assistance not Assessment: Getting at the Heart of Small Business Feasibility

  8. Low Cost Marketing Strategies

  9. Q & A Medicaid Waiver

  10. Small Business Development Centers

  11. Start Up USA: Selecting a Business Structure

  12. Self-Employment and Small Business Ownership: It Works for Many People

Session 4 | Systematic Instruction (SI), Job Analysis and Natural Supports


handout materials:

  1. Agenda

  2. Topics to be covered

  3. Job Analysis Record

  4. Sample Job Analysis Record

  5. GHA Supported Employment Guide

  6. GHA Evaluation Form

Session 5 | Benefits Planning, Social Security Benefits, Work Incentives,
& PASS Plans

handout materials: