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Issues Important to Coalition Members: 2016-2017

Cross Disability Coalition Brochure [revised 6/2016]

Accessible Taxi Information Sheet

Good Meeting Rules

What Makes a Good Resume?

What People Are Saying About Employment

Resources Advocacy Advocacy Resources

Below is a list of resources, links, agencies, and information about advocacy that you might find helpful. Click on a link for more information.

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ADA National Network: Disability Rights Course

Advocates in Action

Anna Liebenow: Please don't let Medicaid abandon me

Mental Health Consumer Advocates of Rhode Island

Needs Assessment Survey

The Rhode Island Statewide Independent Living Council (RISILC) is asking adults with any disability to complete and send this Survey so that we can understand and plan for the Independent Living issues and needs that exist in our state. This Survey will help the RISILC to review the current State Plan for Independent Living and provide input when writing future State Plans, here is the link to the survey…


The Riot! Newsletter

The Riot! is about self-advocacy. We offer a newsletter, a blog where self-advocates can share opinions, an online art gallery, toolkits, games and services to help individuals become stronger self-advocates. The Riot! is housed at the Human Services Research Institute. We cover topics that are important to self-advocates. And we really don't like silly rules that just keep people down. Riot staff at HSRI partner with self-advocates from around the country to bring you The Riot! newsletter, plus a number of other great things like art, games, advocacy tools, and much more!

We are serious about self-advocacy issues, but we also want to make you laugh and feel good about life. Join us to celebrate the strengths of self-advocates. Help take on the barriers that stand in the way. Most of all, let's work together to help people live the life they want with the support they need.

Check out the website and Monthly Newsletters at www.theriotrocks.org

Here are a few Newsletters to check out:
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Support Networks: A Guide for Self-Advocates