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January 2018 Agenda

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Issues Important to Coalition Members: 2016-2017

Cross Disability Coalition Brochure [revised 6/2016]

Accessible Taxi Information Sheet

Good Meeting Rules

What Makes a Good Resume?

What People Are Saying About Employment

Members Members

Here you can find a list of all the people and organizations that participate in the Cross Disability Coalition.

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Anabela Azevedo

RI Ataxia Support Group

Rebecca Beaton

West Bay Residential

Susan Birch

Advocates in Action

Vincent DeJesus

Personal Choice Advisory Panel/Brain Association of RI

Kevin Delbonis

Access Point RI

Allyson DuPont

Alyssa Gleason


Karen Gutmacher

Corliss Center

Jason Harritos

Corliss Center

Barbara Henry

Damien Kilbride

Jessica Killian

Robert Killian

Kathy Kuiper


Andrew Lamson

Jill Merlin

Corliss Center

Joan Perates

Corliss Center

Steven Porcelli

Jack Ringland

Statewide Independent Living Council

Betsy Rockefeller

Corliss Center Center

Heidi Showstead

Statewide Independent Living Council

Mark Susa

Accessing Community Transportation

Joseph Tremmel


Willa Truelove


Gail Votolato

RI Developmental Disabilities Council

Keith Wilcox

Access Point RI