the symbol for committee RIDDC Committees

The RIDDC currently has four Committees:

Youth Committee

Chairperson: Lina DuPont

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Executive Committee

Co-Chairs: Wil Beaudoin and Celest Martin

Goal 1: The Committee promotes and develops information, activities, and materials to assist people with disabilities to achieve independence, productivity, integration, inclusion and self-determination.

This includes coordination of:

a collage of photos from the executive committee and other events

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Systems Advocacy Committee (SAC)

Chairperson: Bob Killian

an image of hands raising for human rightsGoal 1: To identify areas of need for systems change to encourage effective service delivery models which foster:

the cross disability coalition logoObjective 1: Coordinate the development of the RI Cross Disability Coalition, a statewide self-advocacy initiative to respond to current and emerging issues on the local/state level.

Objective 2: Annually identify 3-5 priority emerging issues for system advocacy.

Objective 3: To promote family and public education by developing informational materials, resources and a Family Blog on the DDC website

Objective 4: To provide leadership and self-determination training opportunities for people with disabilities and families and so they may become effective advocates in influencing public policy at the community, state and national levels.

a collage of photos from the systems advocacy committee and other events

Objective 5: Continue the collaborative working group comprised of the DD Network Agencies:

the paul v. sherlock center on disabilities the rhode island disability law center

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Policy and Advocacy Committee (PAC)

Chairperson: Mary Genco

an image of the capital building with the words 'policy issues'The Policy and Advocacy Committee (PAC) monitors state/federal legislation and policy to educate and inform policymakers. The PAC identifies emerging issues and develops strategies to address issues, such as restraint and employment.

Goal 1: Track and monitor RI and federal legislation

Goal 2: Develop strategies and actions to address emerging issues:a graphic with the face of a clock and the words 'time for action'

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